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All Politics Political News by CNN. Updated daily.
Governing Magazine One of the Leading magazines for elected officials
Gov Spot Political News page of GovSpot. Lots of good links to political news sites.
NJ Political News NJN Public Radio and Television. 5% links for stories about New Jersey politics. 95% resume for Michael Aron
Politics New Jersey New Jersey's Online Political Network
Political Information A very comprehensive political information search engine. Excellent site.
Political News Daily Political News from a Republican Perspective
Political News Today A paid subscriber site, but it does have some links to political news stories.
Politics1 National Site with candidate information, they have parties and candidates your never knew existed.
Political USA A conservative viewpoint.
Political Wire Teagan Goddard's Political Wire. News to warm the Democratic heart.
U.S. Politics Today Non-partisan with lots of stories and links for national and state level political news.
Votenet America's Active Political Community



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